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Mary Katrantzou S/S 2014 RTW

Saying that the Mary Katrantzou show was highly anticipated is putting it mildly. Renowned for her fabulous and flamboyant prints, Katrantzou certainly did not disappoint. 

The theme for the first half of the collection was clearly shoes, the print of shoe laces and brogues, not to mention the careful placement of said prints was spot on. The cutting up prints and rearranging it was again employed and added to the refined quirkiness. The dark jewel tones and sharp shapes looked both luxurious and edgy.

The second half of the show was dedicated to opulently printed and embellished babydoll dresses. The dramatic pleating and ruffles as well as the playful shape of the dresses all contributed to the overall feeling of lavish, cutesy whimsy and bordered dangerously on excessive but oh how I love excessive whimsy and drama.

Attention to detail was evident throughout the entire collection, one could easily inspect a dress for hours at different angles and fail to get bored. The gorgeous prints were accented with embroidery, embellishments and interesting cuts. 

As of late we have been seeing a lot of Mary Katrantzou (courtesy of Diane Kruger, Keira Knightly, Solange Knowles, Naomie Harris and Saoirse Ronan) so I am hoping we see a lot of this collection, it’s gutsy, daring, dramatic and deserves to be worn on the red-carpet.


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